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Brandyn Roark Caires, Accredited Practitioner in Collaborative Divorce, Trained Mediator, Parenting Plan Expert, Therapist

Coparent Coaching 

What services do I provide?

Co-parent coaching and consultation based on the developmental, emotional, physical, and behavioral needs of your child/ren. EVERY child and family is different AND there are some fundamental strategies and tools you can use to ease the stress of co-parenting and keep your kids out of the middle. 


Getting on the same page with your child's other parent is hard enough from one home, in two homes it can be unbearable for some families. BUT! It doesn't have to be. I have worked with families for 20 years and I have seen parents do amazing things for their children and for their OWN mental health. By making changes to their communication patterns and approaches, setting up healthy boundaries, establishing structures that work for both homes, and learning how to insulate their children from conflicts - coparents and their kids can thrive. 

Keeping your children out of the middle, and finding respectful, structured ways to communicate with each other about your child's needs is essential for the well-being and life adjustment of your children. 


I support co-parents in whatever way they need. Through your initial intake with me, we will decide together the frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual) of sessions needed, and whether your family needs: individual co-parent coaching, joint co-parent coaching, or family therapy. I coach co-parents all over North and South America and Australia!

How I typically approach co-parent coaching: 

20-minute complimentary consultation call to hear about your needs, goals, and interests in co-parent coaching and to determine if your family needs individual or joint co-parenting sessions. These calls can be done 1:1 or with your co-parent if you are both willing. 

I recommend and ask that all my co-parent families take my online course first. This helps you get an idea of my approach, builds foundational co-parenting skills in an affordable way, and gets us all on the same page before diving into specific needs in your co-parenting relationship. 

I will schedule a 1-1.5 hour intake with you and your co-parent (if applicable) where we will walk through your goals and interests and areas of challenge in your co-parenting work. 

This work and journey are unique for every family. You will learn skills, strategies, and structures to support a healthy co-parenting relationship. We will meet individually and jointly as needed. 

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