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Collaborative Divorce, Mediation and
Parenting Plan Services 

When parents and couples need a roadmap through restructuring their family... I gently and clearly walk them through every step. When making a plan for your children, it's important to consider your child's age, temperament, development, personality, challenges, and strengths. After working for over 22 years with children and families in the mental health field I hold the expertise to guide your family through these important and life-changing decisions. 

Brandyn's fine-tuned, customized parenting plan process for families all over the US and worldwide.
Brandyn Roark Caires, psychotherapist for children, Divorce Professional
Collaborative Divorce Services
Brandyn is on the Board of Directors for the Montana Collaborative Professionals

"You and your spouse don't necessarily need to be COLLABORATIVE to participate in the Collaborative Divorce Process. Your TEAM of professionals COLLABORATES for you and your family to reduce conflict and provide a process with dignity and support." 

I am trained as a Mental Health Neutral Professional in the Collaborative Process. I am also on the Board of Directors for the Montana Collaborative Professionals Association. I strive to support couples in reducing conflict and finding a solution that works for each of them, their family, and most importantly their children if they are parents.


My role is to help contain and support the big emotions, decisions and needs that come up in the dissolution process. I mediate group sessions and meet offline with each client and jointly, I also support the whole group from a neutral perspective. 

I strive to create space for couples to navigate divorce without shame or judgment and for them to experience dignity and respect in the process from everyone involved. 

I work as a teammate for both clients' attornies and a financial neutral professional. Together, as a team, we guide and empower couples to make decisions for their future in both of their best interests, rather than a judge making the decisions for them. 


In cases where couples have minor children, I consult, guide, and hold their hands through the entire development of their parenting plan. This process is VERY different from litigation and insulates children from many of the complexities and conflict divorce can bring. It also empowers parents to write their parenting plan - rather than a court. I use my clinical expertise from the last 20 years and the most current research on parenting plans and co-parenting to guide and educate parents on how best to meet their children's needs during and after divorce. 


Parents know their children best and with the guidance and consultation of a compassionate, experienced professional - their children can thrive after divorce. 

In cases where couples have adult children I help guide them on plans for future celebrations, and how to navigate co-parenting adult children. 

Mediation Services and Parenting Plan Consultation 
Parenting Plan Mediation Process

I provide mediation services for various needs. Most of my work involves helping co-parents mediate decision-making for their child's needs and interests and mediating parenting plans. My mediation approach is done either offline (just me and the parents) and then they utilize an attorney if needed or I team with an attorney (or two attorneys if each client is represented) to help facilitate conversation and find a "third way" of looking at things during a disagreement. 

For parenting plan consultation, is one of my favorite ways to support families. My work as a child and adolescent therapist and within the children's mental health field for over 20 years, and my knowledge of what the current research suggests - gives me the ability and expertise to guide families on the emotional, developmental, mental, social, and physical needs of their children when writing a two-home parenting plan. I guide families with significant needs (medical and mental health challenges, addiction, grief, neurodiversity, etc.) through customized parenting plans that meet the needs of their children and the family system. 


I support parents offline (just the three of us) in empowering them to communicate and share their insights into what they think is in their child's best interest with decision-making, parenting time, holidays, etc. I support them by sharing developmentally appreciated strategies, insights, and tools to help guide them in their agreements about their children's needs.


Divorce and co-parenting are not easy, and it can be healthy and stable for everyone when you have compassionate, neutral, expert, guidance. 

For more co-parenting support go to my co-parenting website with free resources and our online, self-paced, course. You get a FREE parenting plan guide when you purchase the online course for $99!! 
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